Message from the Founder

Welcome to this website, and thank you for reading The Canberra Times article on our Group's launch on 20 May 2014.  You can read more about me at Who am I? and My family's story.

It's been more than 20 years since a particularly dangerous form of asbestos was "forensically" cleaned from 1,049 Canberra homes under a $100 million government program, but contamination issues remain. Worse still, we know that properties in Queanbeyan still contain the original amount of Mr Fluffy asbestos. 

Whether you are an affected homeowner, family member, tradesperson, tenant or other community member, I believe the ongoing presence of loose fill asbestos in Australian homes has implications for you.  For that reason, I invite all visitors to comment at Community voice, and to follow us on Facebook.  


Why have I formed this Group?

On 11 April 2014—thanks to the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency and the media’s public awareness efforts—I found out that I am the co-owner of one of Canberra’s 1,049 "Mr Fluffy" asbestos homes.  Upon receiving this news, my husband and I arranged an asbestos assessment.  To our horror, the assessor found loose fill amosite asbestos fibres in the return air intake of our central heating system. 

Before we knew it, we were staying with close friends with our 7 week old baby and 3 year old while the assessor conducted air monitoring and took swabs of our vents.  To our great relief, these further tests indicated the fibres did not reach the living areas of our home.  To this day, my husband and I are still shocked that our family and visitors could have been exposed to such a serious health risk. 

I have formed this Group because I find it unacceptable that this is a live issue almost half a century after Mr Fluffy began his operations. 

A message to the ACT, NSW and Commonwealth Governments

I call on the ACT, NSW and Commonwealth Governments to address the serious and long-standing health and safety and financial security issues presented by Mr Fluffy homes to current and future generations of Australians.  I believe a large proportion of Canberran and Queanbeyan residents are entirely unaware of these risks.  I understand the challenges are complex and costly, but the cost of not acting is surely far greater. The pool of affected people grows every time one of our homes passes to the next unwitting purchaser or tenant, and when the next unknowing tradesperson turns up to work on our homes.


Thank you for visiting this website. I stand in solidarity with the families, tradespeople, tenants and other Australians who are affected by our homes.

Brianna Heseltine | Founder and Spokesperson

Photo by Tracey Pearce © 31 August 2014